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Mosquitoes may not pose as big a threat today as they did in the past. The dangers of yellow fever, dengue and malaria have all been eliminated thanks to the collective efforts of the EPA, CDC and other relevant agencies. Their success is, of course, predicated on the contributions of homeowners who painstakingly took measures to ensure the disease-carrying bugs’ defeat. The simple steps that help reduce mosquito populations involved something as simple as cleaning out your gutters.

When it comes to gutter protection systems, gutter guards reviews make one thing clear: Gutter Helmet® is second to none. Our experts at Gutter Helmet of Eastern Shore explain how this product plays a crucial role in controlling the impact of mosquitoes.

The Mosquito Life Cycle

Mosquitoes thrive in areas with plenty of standing water. Their breeding season begins in the final few days of spring and extends up until the temperatures start to drop in the fall. Adult mosquitoes gather in bodies of water where they lay their eggs. The eggs hatch into aquatic larvae commonly called “wigglers.” After a while, the larvae develop into airborne adults and the cycle continues anew.

Managing Mosquitoes

Keeping mosquitoes under control involves understanding the stages of their life cycle. It’s clear that mosquitoes need standing water for their reproduction. This means any amount of water whether man-made or natural. Removing any standing water is essential in keeping the insect’s numbers down.

In your home, clogged gutters are most likely to attract mosquitoes. The water gathering in the troughs is actually perfect for their larval development, providing them with a safe habitat away from most natural predators.

Gutter Maintenance

To keep your home mosquito-free, keep your gutters clear of any stagnant water. Gutter Helmet prevents leaves, branches, and other debris from blocking the flow of water in your gutters, removing an important requirement in the mosquito life cycle.

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