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Why Are K-Style Gutters the Choice of Many Homeowners?

By November 4, 2014No Comments

One of the most important components of the roofing system is the gutter. Without it, rain water will just cascade down the side of your house and cause numerous problems. Without it, your siding, windows, doors, your garden landscaping, and even the foundation of your house will be  seriously threatened by water damage. Indoor flooding, cracked or damaged foundation, mold, erosion, paint and water stains on exterior walls are just some of the problems homeowners would have to face if their homes had no gutters, or if their gutters were damaged.

So if you want to protect your home from the threats mentioned above, you need to invest in a gutter system that will literally and figuratively channel away these water related problems.

Gutters come in several shapes and sizes, with each one having their pros and cons. The most common type of gutter used today is the open gutter, which comes in standard lengths from the shop. Homeowners will also have to choose among a variety of materials for their gutters, which include aluminum, galvanized steel, vinyl, copper, and wood.

As for the shape, there are two choices – the traditional half-round (or the U-shape) and the K-style gutter. The latter design is more popular than the traditional U-shaped gutter. Whyis that?.

The reason is that this gutter style offers plenty of advantages over U-shaped gutters.  Because of their unique shape, K-style gutters are more durable and less likely to bend or protrude when impacted by force. K-style gutters can also hold more water than a rounded gutter with the same diameter. Furthermore, more homeowners choose K-style gutters because they blend better with different architectural designs.

If you’re planning on replacing your home gutters with K-style gutters, Seamless Exterior offers high-quality seamless K-style gutters made by Gutter Helmet, the leading gutter manufacturer in the US. Our K-style gutters are: made of metal or aluminum; fabricated to perfectly match the measurements of your home; durable; and easy to maintain. Just give us a call for a free estimate.