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Gutter Protection: The Advantages of Helmet Heat

By November 5, 2014No Comments

Minnesota winters are extremely cold, especially for people who come from warm places. Winter temperatures can average 10 degrees to 15 degrees below zero! In fact, Minnesota—especially its renowned Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul—is the coldest metropolitan area located within the continental United States. The cold, of course, brings about different kinds of weather challenges, including the formation of ice dams.

Ice dams are hinder gutter protection and maintenance. Gutters must be clean and debris-free at all times to prevent ice dam formation and eventual roof damage.

With this in mind, Home Solutions Midwest discusses the advantages that you can enjoy when you have Helmet Heat installed. Foremost, Helmet Heat is a hidden cable gutter protection system that emits heat so that the ice within your gutters will melt even before it gets the chance to accumulate and refreeze, therefore forming an ice dam.

Once your gutters are free of debris that may cause clogging, Helmet Heat allows ice and snow to melt and flow freely through the gutters.

Here are other reasons why Helmet Heat can be your ultimate gutter and roofing protection system:

• It’s energy-efficient. The heat is released only when there is ice and snow.
• It’s self-regulating. It doesn’t require regular monitoring.
• It’s seam-free when installed. You don’t have to worry about exposed wiring that can ruin your home’s aesthetics.

By installing Helmet Heat, you can save a lot—both time and money!

Should you have questions with regard to Helmet Heat, please don’t hesitate to call Home Solutions Midwest at (507) 473-4106.