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When it comes to home maintenance, certain steps must be taken to ensure every component is functioning properly. Gutters are small but critical components that have a dramatic effect on the long-term viability and value of your home. Regarding gutter maintenance, there are numerous gutter materials, styles and solutions to choose from, including home gutter guards. However, it’s important to keep in mind that choosing an inferior gutter guard can do more harm than good.

Problems That Can Be Caused By Inferior Gutter Guards

Certain types of gutter guards have screens which can become dislodged by wind or animals, or mesh which traps debris. Such gutter guards require frequent maintenance. In addition, if the weave of the screens is too tight, this may cause water to overshoot the gutters, resulting in damage to the landscaping and exterior of your house.

The Importance of Gutter Protection

Interest in gutter protection has continued to increase in recent years as “baby boomers” age and homeowners in general seek to reduce the demands of home maintenance. Though gutter leaf guards aren’t an insignificant investment, the cost can be mitigated over the years due to the safety benefits of not having to clean gutters and/or the cost savings from fewer maintenance requirements and not having to hire a gutter cleaning service.

Read Gutter Helmet® Reviews

Gutter Helmet® is an excellent option for capturing and channeling water without permitting it to overshoot the gutters or allowing the buildup of debris such as twigs, needles and leaves, which can cause clogs. This enables you to save money on maintenance and costly repairs. If you check gutter guard reviews, you will find that Gutter Helmet products are top-quality and can provide you a lifetime of clog-free gutters. With Gutter Helmet, we guarantee you’ll never have to clean your gutters again. Call (800) 824-3772 today to schedule a free estimate with your local Gutter Helmet dealer!