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Copper gutters are incredibly popular because of their unique and beautiful appearance. They are an appealing exterior design element. However, they need to be maintained properly. This includes installing a gutter protection system like gutter caps or Gutter Helmet® and regularly cleaning them. In today’s article, Gutter Helmet of Eastern Shore, the top gutter company in our local area, explains how to properly take care of copper gutters.


We’ll first start off with a disclaimer. The instructions we’re about to give you will keep your copper gutters bright and shiny. Some homeowners don’t like that. They want their gutters to develop a natural and unique-looking patina. If left unattended, copper gutters will develop this green patina over time. This patina can make a home’s copper gutters look one of a kind. Our cleaning method will remove this patina and polish the copper gutters.

Cleaning and Polishing Copper Gutters

You’ll first need to make your cleaning paste. Pour four cups of vinegar, four cups of salt and four cups of flour into a plastic bucket and then mix the ingredients thoroughly. Next, set up your extension ladder along the copper gutters that you plan to clean. Make sure not to dent the copper. Hang the cleaning paste on a bucket hook and then dip a soft-bristled scrub brush. Make sure to cover ½ inch of the bristles.

Rub the cleaning paste on the gutters using a circular motion and keep rubbing until the paste on the brush is totally used. Use a small cloth to wipe over the area. Check if the patina is removed. If not, keep repeating the cleaning process. You’ll then need to move the ladder to a new location and repeat the cleaning process each time. If necessary, spray the gutters with water to remove the cleaning paste residue.

Gutter Helmet is much better than gutter caps and other gutter protection products because of its reliability, performance and durability. Gutter Helmet is designed so that you’ll never need to clean your gutters again after installing it. It is also made of high-quality materials, so you can rely on it to protect your gutters no matter the weather. Our company serves many areas including Salisbury, Maryland. Call us at (800) 824-3772 to learn more about our services and products or to get a free quote.