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Important Gutter Cleaning Safety Tips

By September 9, 2015October 18th, 2023No Comments

With Fall well underway, it’s time for you to clean, inspect, and if necessary, repair your gutters. If your property is surrounded by trees, you will really need to do this annual task in preparation for the rainy and snowy season ahead. That’s because if your gutters are left clogged with leaves, twigs, and other debris, rainwater won’t be able flow properly through the gutter system and into drains. This will result in overflowing water and costly water damage repairs.

While cleaning and inspecting gutters are pretty easy, it still involves climbing up a ladder, which we all know can be quite dangerous. In fact, according to statistics, thousands of ladder-related injuries are reported every year. Before you climb that ladder yourself, take note of these gutter cleaning safety tips:

What You Will Need:

Gutter Scoop
Handyman Gloves
Garden Hose
Sturdy Ladder

What You Will Do:

Check the weather report. Make sure that the weather will be dry to avoid having to climb a slippery ladder.

Check your ladder. It will carry all your weight so make sure your ladder’s weight capacity will be able to support you. In addition, make sure your ladder is sturdy and in good condition to avoid any untoward incidents like falling off because of a broken rung.

Check where you’ll be placing your ladder. The ground should be level, firm, and stable to ensure that the ladder will not wobble. Also, ladders shouldn’t be placed in front of unlocked doors as people might bang into the ladder while you’re on it, causing you to lose balance and fall.

Make sure to wear gloves to protect your hand. You should also wear sneakers to keep from slipping off the ladder.

While on the ladder, stand with your hips between the rails and do not lean out over the sides. This will help you keep your balance.

Use a scoop and/or a gloved hand to remove debris from your gutter. Place debris in a bucket (which you’ll need to bring with you on the ladder) and flush off loose dirt with a stream of water from a hose.

After cleaning, check every part of the gutter. If you see holes and/or corrosions in some areas, you will need to get them replaced by a professional immediately.

You will also need to get your gutters repaired by a professional if you see some parts loose or pulling away from the roof.

Cleaning your gutter can be a huge investment in time and effort. To help you save on both, you might want to invest in Gutter Helmet®, top metal gutter guards in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin and the surrounding areas. This gutter protection system will ensure that your gutters will stay clog-free even if you don’t clean your gutters regularly.

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