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If you’ve ever had squirrels in your attic, you know the damage they can do. One of the most common ways they enter a home is through the roofing system. One way to avoid damage to your roofing and fascia is with gutter protection products. They keep your gutters from becoming clogged and overflowing, which leads to damage. Quality gutter protection products can prevent squirrels from deciding that your gutters are the perfect place to make their home. 

Why Squirrels Love Our Homes

Squirrels possesses a strong urge to gnaw because their teeth continuously grow. This urge sometimes drives squirrels to attack window sills, siding, eaves, fascia, decks and even electrical wiring, causing extensive and costly damage. They also want a dry and safe place to raise their young. In addition to the damage they may do, when a female chooses your gutter system as the place to build her nest, it can create a clogged gutter. Once squirrels find a way into your home and take up residence in your attic or walls, you may need to hire professionals to get rid of them and make necessary repairs to your home.

Signs of Squirrels

Oftentimes, squirrels will use tree branches as bridges to get to your home’s roof. To prevent squirrels from jumping from a tree to your roof, cut tree limbs back to allow at least six to eight feet between the tree and your home.

If you hear scratching noises coming from the roof line and notice frequent squirrel traffic around your home, it’s likely you have already have squirrels in your gutters. If you don’t have gutter protection products installed on your gutters, make sure to clean your gutters regularly and look into some of the best gutter guard reviews to find those that will effectively keep out the squirrels.

How Gutter Protection Products Help Deter Squirrels

Who wants to run around the ground searching for nuts and pinecones when there’s a buffet already set out? That’s how a squirrel may see your gutters if they’re filled with things they like to eat. If you’ve ever seen a squirrel nest, you know it’s a large and well-built structure between a few tree limbs. When squirrels find many of the items they use to build a nest already stacked up in one place, they don’t have to do as much work.

If you have gutter covers installed, squirrels won’t find food or the leaves and sticks they need to build a nest – or a convenient place to start a nest. When squirrels are not hanging around in your gutters, they’re also less inclined to chew on your eaves, fascia or any other nearby part of your home.

Gutter Helmet® Keeps Squirrels & Debris Out

In addition to providing superior protection from leaves and debris, Gutter Helmet is an excellent solution to keep squirrels and other pests out of gutters. Its precise, nose-forward design allows only water to enter the narrow slit, so critters cannot squeeze through and take up residence. Call Gutter Helmet® today at (800) 824-3772 to take your home back from squirrels and start reaping the benefits of industry-leading gutter protection products.