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Raking Fallen LeavesIf you have trees on or around your property, your regular home maintenance will include raking up fallen leaves from the lawn, garden, walkways and other areas around your home. Here are some helpful tips to rake fallen leaves like a pro!

Start with a Calm, Dry Day

First of all, pick a day when there is not a lot of wind and it is calm and dry, so you can work peacefully and consistently. If you have to rake on a windy day, rake in the same direction as the wind. Raking into the wind is not advisable as the wind will pick up the leaves and blow them all around, undoing any work you’ve just done!

Rake leaves when it is dry outside. Wet leaves can be quite heavy. By raking when it is dry, your task is easier and you do not have to deal with slimy leaves!

Leaves can quickly pile up in your gutters. Leaves here must be removed promptly to allow water to flow through gutters smoothly and prevent water damage. Standing on ladders and cleaning out gutters by hand can be difficult and risky. If you put the job off too long, leaves will form a slushy pile that’s difficult to remove, and create other problems as well.

Instead, invest in proper gutter guards that can offer you real gutter protection. Gutter Helmet® gutter guards are patented and designed for year-round functionality. You can install these gutter guards and enjoy long-lasting gutter protection without having to clean out leaves ever again. Gutter Helmet’s gutter guards can also be winterized with Helmet Heat®, an add-on feature that melts snow and prevents ice dams.

Use the Right Tools & Technique

Using the right tools will save you time and get the job done right. You can do it by hand, or if you feel inclined, invest in a mulching mower that cleans up your leaves by turning them into mulch that is then bagged by the mower. There are both gas and electric mulching mowers available.

Be careful when you rake. Make sure you know the proper technique to prevent backache. Warm up your body before you start raking, just like any other workout. Maintain good posture and stand upright. Switch your lead hand regularly. Bend at the knees when you pick up a pile.

Pace Yourself

Rather than creating a giant pile of leaves, rake leaves onto a piece of plastic or tarp and drag this to your compost pile as many times as needed. This simplifies the process of leaf removal.

Be careful and aim not to do too much at one time. Split up your yard into sections and do a section each time, working on the whole yard over several days. If your time is limited and it has to be done in one day, take frequent breaks and stay hydrated.