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Icicles can significantly damage your gutter system, even if you have a gutter shield. Gutters can warp and crack due to the added pressure from the expansion of water when it freezes. Frozen gutters can also lead to ice dam formation, resulting in water damage to many parts of your home.

Read on as Gutter Helmet® of Monticello shares some tips on how to prevent these problems.

Add Rock Salt

Rock salt won’t only melt ice on your walkways, but also in your gutters. Sprinkle some rock salt into your gutters if you’ve noticed icicles starting to form.

Slope Gutters Properly

Properly sloped gutters will effectively direct water through downspouts. If your gutters are too flat, water will settle inside and freeze when the temperature drops. Make sure to adjust the slope if necessary before winter comes to prevent gutter freezing due to standing water.

Remove Snow From the Roof

In some cases, blizzards can make it almost impossible to prevent your gutters from freezing. You can use a roof rake to remove snow from the eaves and gutters as soon as conditions improve.

Keep Your Gutters Clean

Make sure your gutters are free from debris before winter arrives. Fallen leaves, branches and other debris can retain moisture and block water, causing it to pool.

Helmet Heat® Ice Reduction System

Helmet Heat by Gutter Helmet is a self-regulating heating cable that keeps ice and snow from building up around the edges of your roof. It can help increase your home’s energy efficiency and safety. This heating cable is easy to install and fully compatible with the Gutter Helmet system.

Turn to Gutter Helmet of Minnesota for quality gutter shield installation services. We offer the Gutter Helmet Gutter Protection System, GenGo Designer Series Gutters and Helmet Heat Ice Reduction System. Call us at (800) 824-3772 or complete our contact form to get a free quote. We serve homeowners in Monticello, MN.