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Having a few holes in your gutters doesn’t mean you have to replace your gutter system right away. In some cases, gutters with holes can still be salvaged, so you can put off gutter replacement for a few months.

Gutter Helmet® of Western North Carolina, the best gutter protection company in the area, shares tips on dealing with holes in gutters.

Gutter Repair Tips

Follow these steps to help you perform the job safely and properly:

  1. Remove water, leaves or any debris that may be in your gutters. Let your gutters dry before starting repair work.
  2. Gutter holes are often caused by rust, so the first thing you should do is scrape the area around the hole and the edges using a putty knife. This will help smooth particles that could potentially prick or injure you.
  3. Brush around the hole using a wire brush so that the area is thoroughly cleaned. If the corrosion is severe, you can opt to use a special solution to remove rust from the surface.
  4. Get your caulking gun and insert a tube of roofing cement in it. Gently apply a generous amount of this cement around the edges of the gutter hole.
  5. Place the metal patch on top of the gutter hole, and make sure it covers the entire opening. Allow it to dry.
  6. Cover the gutter patch with some sealant to protect it against water.

Damage Beyond Repair

Of course, there are situations wherein the gutter damage may already be beyond repair. Also, if you’re not confident in doing the repair yourself, it would be best to leave the job to a professional. There are certain hazards in DIY repairs, such as fall accidents when using a ladder. Your safety should always be your priority. So if you don’t have the right tools and adequate skills to perform the repair, call an expert.

With a gutter company’s expertise, you can learn about the best solutions for your gutter issues. You can also have peace of mind that the job will be done correctly, and you can guarantee its quality.

Gutter Helmet of Western North Carolina has been providing the best gutter protection since 1991. With our expertise in gutter installation, cleaning, and repair, there’s nothing for you to worry about. Call us at (800) 824-3772 or fill out our contact form to request a free quote. We serve customers in Mill Springs, North California.