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One of the last things you want to see in your yard is standing water. It can cause a long list of issues like pest infestation, mold growth and foundation damage. The common culprits behind this problem are incorrect grading, overwatering, thatch and an inefficient gutter system. 

A local gutter guard installer gives tips to help you deal with standing water in your yard. 

Have Your Downspouts Extended

It’s usually easy to extend existing downspouts in residential properties. This helps keep water from getting trapped in your gutters. Water is less likely to end up in your yard if your downspout is placed at a greater distance from your home’s exterior. 

Re-Grade Your Yard

If standing water is a persistent problem in your yard, it’s best to contact a professional for assistance. They will assess your property and determine which areas require re-grading. However, you must first re-grade the areas around your home before you can deal with standing water in other spots of your property. 

Get Rid of Debris in Your Yard

Leaves, twigs and other debris can hold moisture that keeps water from draining properly. You can use a lawn rake to get rid of these organic materials or a dethatcher. After getting rid of debris, you can hire a landscaping company to aerate your lawn. This will allow nutrients and water to reach the roots of the plants or grass in your yard. 

Deal With Gutter Issues

If your gutters are not working properly or have clogs, water will overflow to your siding and landscaping. To keep your gutters in good shape, have them inspected and maintained regularly. Sometimes, cleaning and repairs can’t restore this exterior component to its original condition. If this is the case, hire an experienced professional to install your new gutters. Another thing that helps maintain the efficiency of gutters and extends its life is a gutter protection system. Gutter guards prevent clogs by filtering out debris, helping improve water flow. 

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