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Pine needles can be a challenge to remove and can harm plants in your yard. You can keep them from entering your gutters by investing in a gutter guard system. Unfortunately, conventional mowers and rakes do no good in eliminating them. If there are plenty of trees in your area, you are more likely to deal with this issue. While pine needles can improve the soil when they decompose, they could be a fire hazard, especially in large amounts.  

Keep reading for tips on dealing with fallen pine needles. 

Leaf Blower

Instead of a rake, you can use a quality leaf blower to get rid of pine needles. It must have 200 miles per hour (mph) blowing velocity to remove pine needle buildups. This equipment is ideal in tight areas and around your yard. 

Lawn Sweeper

With a lawn sweeper, you can remove pine needles, pine cones and dead leaves from the ground. It features a rotating bristle to brush debris from your yard. Compared to standard bag mowers and rakes, this tool can tackle pine needles better.

Lawn Vacuum

You can use a lawn vacuum to take pine needles from your lawn and bag them all at the same time. It gives you the option to blow leaves or vacuum and bag pine needles. 

Specialized Rake

Another tool you can use to remove pine needles is a specialized rake. You want a rake with thin, springy metal tines assembled closely. This feature will allow the rake to sweep needles more efficiently and with less effort. 

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