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Gutter Leaf Protection: A Must for Every Modern and Practical Home

By December 25, 2013October 16th, 2023No Comments

As with most harmonious relationships in your life, the connection between you and your roof must have a certain degree of mutual understanding and reciprocity. Therefore, given that your roofing system constantly aims to protect you and your loved ones, as well as every valuable belonging that you keep under it, you must likewise strive to preserve its integrity and maintain its effectiveness.

are your gutters contributing to roof damage

Installing protective gutters is one of the best ways to protect your roof, not to mention your home’s foundation and exteriors, too. However, installing these channels around the edges of your roofing isn’t enough; you also need to keep leaves and other debris from piling up inside them. An excerpt from an article by Brock Copper posted at explains why:

Mother Nature certainly enjoys her cycles, and every year trees shed their leaves for winter so they can grow them again come spring. The majority of the leaves fall to the ground, but some fall onto the roof and into the gutters. […] When enough leaves fall into the gutter, it can’t keep up with the flow of water and this can lead to pooling.

It doesn’t take long for leaves to completely obstruct water flow, and they can even clog the downspout, which means no water is leaving the roof as it should. At best, the water now flows over the edge of the gutters, which can be terrible for your foundation […] At worst, the water now flows the other way and begins to pool on the roof. In winter time, this can lead to an ice dam […]

Hence, to shield your roof and its gutters from any of the costly damages mentioned above, you’ll need durable leaf gutter guards like the ones offered by Gutter Helmet®. A gutter protection system ensures that only rainwater and melted snow will flow through your gutters. Leaves, branches, and twigs won’t get a chance to clog up your roof’s drainage.

At present, there are about seven types of gutter leaf protection systems available for homeowners, each with a different cost, purpose, and feature. Oftentimes, the type of gutter guard that can be installed for your home will mainly depend on your budget, roof setup, and preferences.

In the end, whatever kind of gutter protection system you choose for your roof, all that matters is the fact that your gutters are covered and will drain properly at all times. Thanks to quality leaf gutter guards, clogged gutters would be the least of your concerns, rain or shine.

(Article Information and Image from Are Your Gutters Contributing to Roof Damage? Do It Yourself)