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How an Effective Rain Gutter System Can Help Households Conserve Water

By December 26, 2013October 16th, 2023No Comments
Water is one of the most essential things needed to sustain human life, and while 71% of the Earth is made up of water, the supply for human consumption is fast dwindling. The ballooning global population and its resulting increase in water consumption for household, industrial, and agricultural needs are systematically and gradually creating a water shortage. now is the time to harvest rainwater Experts predict that by the year 2030, the worldwide need for water will exceed supply by 40%. Dave Phelps talks about the water supply-and-demand situation in the US in his article for Marin Independent Journal:
Agriculture in the U.S. uses 80 percent of our freshwater. In western states that figure exceeds 90 percent. Residential water use is important as well. According to the EPA, roughly 30 percent of the 29 billion gallons used every day by households in the U.S. are used outdoors. For many residential water users, the percentage for outdoor water use is about 60 percent.
As the article points out, a large portion (30% to 60%) of household water supply in the country is used for outdoor purposes, such as gardening and landscaping, as well as other uses like cleaning cars, garages, and pathways. Given the threat of a looming water shortage, everyone is enjoined to do their share in conserving this precious resource and limiting its non-essential uses. Likewise, many gardening and landscaping professionals in California are encouraging residents to store rainwater efficiently for outdoor household use. As Dave Phelps further says:
By using efficient roofing materials, gutter straining and “first flush” technology, you could increase your ability of collecting cleaner water to 19,044 gallons per 1,000 square feet.
One of the most cost-efficient methods of catching and storing rainwater is to use rain barrels attached to a home’s gutters and downspouts. As some experts agree, an effective rain gutter system is needed to ensure that water can flow freely through unclogged gutters, and get into the barrels with as little debris and contaminants as possible. A high-quality rain gutter guard, such as those developed and installed by Gutter Helmet®, can filter out fine debris. These gutter covers make use of the right materials and construction to ensure rainwater cling to the gutter’s surface until it is released onto the gutters. By using products like Gutter Helmet, households can collect and store enough filtered rainwater that may then be used for outdoor purposes.

(Article information and image from Master Gardeners: Now is the time to harvest rainwater, Marin Independent Journal, December 07, 2013)