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Gutter Installation Isn’t As Easy As It Looks

By January 18, 2016October 17th, 2023No Comments

You’ve heard this before: Where home improvement is concerned, most jobs are better left to the professionals. Hanging gutters in Grand Rapids MI, or the local area, is no exception.

The temptation to save a few bucks is understandable when you have easy access to a stepladder, a hardware store and online DIY guides. But an awareness of the knowledge and technical skills that go into professional gutter installation will show you why you should be calling a trusted contractor instead.

• General carpentry skills
Even installing snap-together sectional gutter systems from preformed vinyl parts will require manual dexterity and basic carpentry skills. Gutter contractors’ more advanced carpentry skills also include measuring, marking, mental math, cutting, layout and a good understanding of building codes and construction restrictions.

• Sheet metal working skills
Most professional gutter installers have some training in sheet metal working. They need to know how to set up and operate roll-forming machinery to properly fabricate, assemble and install seamless gutters. This alone requires mechanical, critical thinking, active learning and problem solving skills, among others.

• Endurance and physical skills
Gutter installation is physically demanding. Some jobs require that the contractor climb extension ladders while carrying weights up to 55 pounds. Anyone who plans to hang gutters needs to be able to lift weights up to 75 pounds and to climb, reach, stoop and remain standing for long periods of time without trouble.

• Gutter math skills
The ability to size gutters and downspouts properly is a must for a gutter hanger in Grand Rapids MI, and the surrounding areas. Professionals know how to calculate drainage areas, adjust for pitch and rainfall, allow for extra water capacity, troubleshoot poorly-draining gutters, and allow for the contraction and expansion of different materials with changes in temperature.

If you’re thinking of hanging gutters in Grand Rapids MI, or the local area, forget DIY. Infinity Home Improvement is a company that has been trusted by homeowners from Saginaw to Kalamazoo for 15 years and counting. Get in touch with us for all your gutter installation and protection needs and more today!