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3 Effective Methods to Manage Rainwater Runoff

By January 18, 2016October 18th, 2023No Comments

Your gutters and downspouts protect your foundation by directing rainwater away to a safe distance from your home. Sometimes, your current gutters and downspouts aren’t enough. If this is the case, then it’s time to explore other solutions. Gutter Helmet of Western North Carolina explains how a buried drainpipe, a drywell, and rain barrels can help.

Buried Drainpipes
Just like gutter extensions in Asheville NC, and the local area, a buried drainpipe will help manage water runoff. The difference is that this system is not visible. Typically, the buried drainpipe is a short distance away from the home. Installers first dig a trench that’s at least 10 inches deep and six inches wide. They then connect the drainpipe, place it in the trench, and bury it.

Buried Drywell
This is another non-visible method. The drywell is a plastic barrel with holes in its side that installers bury 10-20 feet away from the house. After digging the hole, installers will first wrap the drywell with a filter or landscaping fabric that will prevent soil from clogging it over time. They then fill the drywell around with clean drainage stone before completely burying it with soil. As a precaution, they can also run a piece of pipe away from the drywell up to lawn level in case there’s heavy rain.

Rain Barrels
As an alternative to these methods, we can install rain barrels for your home. Rain barrels, like gutter extensions in Asheville NC, or the local area, protect your foundation. The difference is that they catch rain runoff. You can then use this natural and fresh water for your garden. This helps conserve water and saves you money by reducing your water use.

These solutions will help protect your foundation from damage, but these won’t be effective if leaves and debris clog your gutters. Protect your gutters with the Gutter Helmet system. Gutter Helmet completely covers your gutters and prevents anything from getting in except water. This ensures that clogs won’t form and water will flow freely into your downspout and away from your foundation.

Give Gutter Helmet of Western North Carolina a call to learn more about Gutter Helmet and alternatives to gutter extensions, or to get a free quote.