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To perform properly, your gutter guards need to have an effective design that won’t only prevent debris from accumulating in your gutters, but also shed objects from the surface. Gutter Helmet of Minnesota, a leading gutter company in the area, shares the key differences between two of the most popular types of gutter protection systems.

Gutter Helmet® vs. Perforated Gutter Guards

Flat Gutter Covers

There’s more to gutter protection than just veiling your gutters. Metal drop-in gutter guards consist of a piece of aluminum perforated with small holes. The cover lies flat on top of your gutters and fits under the front lip of the channels. What makes this gutter protection system undesirable, however, is its leveled design. Leaves and other forms of debris will settle on the surface and block the holes. This prevents water from entering your gutters, which leads to leaks and other hassles, defeating the entire purpose of the gutter guards.

Pitched Gutter Guards

Unlike ordinary gutter covers, Gutter Helmet® is built with solid aluminum and covered with a textured surface, which allows water to cling to the surface as it flows downward. The borderline of this gutter protection system is curved and extends past the edge of the gutters. This allows water to flow around the curve and into your gutter system. Meanwhile, debris falls safely to the ground instead of clogging your gutters.

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