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Gutters are designed to channel precipitation that lands on your roof safely away from your home. If your gutters aren’t working properly, your home may be vulnerable to serious water damage.

Gutter Helmet®: Protection Against Gutter Clog Problems

Fortunately, Gutter Helmet® Systems of Alabama, one of the premier gutter guard companies in the area, helps homeowners like you with such problems through our innovative gutter protection system: Gutter Helmet. Find out more below:

Problems Due to Gutter Clogs

A gutter protection prevents clogs, thus protecting your roof, siding, landscape and even your home’s foundation from water damage. A clogged gutter can’t drain water effectively, thus putting your home at risk of leaks and other moisture-related issues. Overflowing rainwater from clogged gutters can affect your home’s landscaping, destroying plants and flowers. Too much water content in the soil can cause the foundation to crack.

Clogged gutters can also damage wooden fascia boards and siding. Water flowing out of the edges of the gutters may penetrate the materials within these home components. This problem can also have an effect on the roof’s insulation, as moisture promotes the growth of mold and can worsen existing roof problems.

Protecting Your Home With Gutter Helmet

Gutter Helmet can prevent these issues from happening. Our innovative product covers your gutters, effectively blocking debris while water flows smoothly through the system. Thanks to its patented nose-forward design, rainwater clings to the textured surface until it reaches the slit where it will make its way to the downspouts. Leaves, dirt and other debris cannot enter that small opening, ensuring clog-free gutters.

Gutter guard companies like Gutter Helmet Systems of Alabama swear by this exceptional protective system. Efficient and reliable, the product can handle any amount of rain. To get started with your project to improve your home, give us a call at (866) 598-7525. You may also fill out our contact form to obtain a free quote. We serve residents of Chelsea, AL, and surrounding areas.