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Gutter Helmet®: Keeping Your Gutters Clog-Free

By August 9, 2016October 18th, 2023No Comments

During a rainstorm, approximately 1,700 gallons of water fall onto an average-sized residential roof. That said, it is extremely crucial to keep your drainage system in top shape to ensure the proper flow of water. Water that collects in clogged gutters can lead to serious damage around your home.

No matter where you live, leaves, dirt and other debris can accumulate in your gutters. This will block your system, causing water to overflow down your siding and around the foundation. Regular maintenance is crucial to keeping your gutter in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, healthy. Moon Associates, your trusted gutter company in the region, discusses the basics of gutter maintenance.

The Top Cause of Gutter Problems

Although they are less visible than your roof or windows, you still must take care of your gutters and include them in your annual maintenance. Clogging is the main problem homeowners face with their gutters. When water penetrates your interior, it can lead to bigger issues, such as rusting, rotting and even mold formation. You can avoid costly damage by inspecting and cleaning your gutters regularly.

The Role of Gutter Helmet®

While gutter maintenance can sound like an easy task, it is both difficult and dangerous, especially if you have no professional training working with gutters. Thousands of people fall off ladders each year while cleaning their roofing system. To maintain the healthy condition of your gutter in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, without compromising your safety, invest in Gutter Helmet® today. This advanced gutter protection system combines the power of revolutionary design and top-quality materials. It covers your gutters comprehensively, preventing debris from entering your system while allowing water to pass through.

Gutters in Winter

Ice dams can form on a roof during winter. This build-up of ice and water can cause damage to your gutters, and water can easily make its way into your attic and wreak havoc on your structure. Installing Helmet Heat® – a self-regulating device that prevents ice from building up on roof edges – is the best way to fight ice dams.

Moon Associates is the exclusive provider of Gutter Helmet and Helmet Heat systems in the region. You can count on these products to make your gutter maintenance easier. To learn more about their benefits, call us at (800) 824-3772 or complete our contact form. We’ll be ready to assist you with your needs.