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4 Things That Make Gutter Helmet® the Best Choice

By August 10, 2016October 17th, 2023No Comments

Your gutter system keeps your home dry and damage-free by channeling rainwater away from your foundation and walls. Like most home components, however, gutters can be prone to a number of issues, especially congestion. That’s why they will need something extra to keep it in great working order.

Gutter cleaning is an okay solution, but not a lasting one. If you want to keep your gutters healthy and clog-free, invest in gutter shields in Anchorage, Alaska. Regular ones just won’t do—instead, look for those from Gutter Helmet®, the leading brand for high-end gutter protection systems today. ABC Seamless Siding, your reliable gutter company, shares what makes this brand better than standard options.

1. Sleek Nose-Forward Design—Gutter shields are components that catch fallen debris and leaves so they don’t settle inside your system. At the same time, they make sure that your gutters drain rainwater properly. Gutter shields come in many types, including mesh, bottle brush, and nylon. They’re not as effective as Gutter Helmet’s sleek feature, however.

Our Gutter Helmet gutter shields come with a patented nose-forward design. This allows rainwater to flow smoothly through your system, while shedding leaves and debris so that they fall harmlessly to the ground. This eliminates the need and expenses of periodic gutter cleaning, or hiring someone to do the job.

2. Ribbed and Textured Surface—These gutter shields in Anchorage, Alaska, also feature a ribbed surface that increases surface tension. This allows rainwater to cling to the surface while it flows downward. Their sturdy construction boosts tensile strength, allowing these shields to withstand extreme weather conditions, including heavy rainfall, snow loads, and high winds.

3. Heavy-Duty Mounting BracketOther gutter shields might fail during the next harsh weather, but Gutter Helmet remains firmly in place. Our installers attach this system to your roof using reinforced aluminum alloy brackets so it remains sturdy no matter the weather.

4. High-Performance Paint—Gutter Helmet shields come with exclusive PermaLife™ finish which resists fading, chalking, even saltwater corrosion. This is available in a range of lovely and durable colors that easily complement your home’s roof and décor.

Turn to ABC Seamless Siding for your gutter protection needs. With our Gutter helmet gutter shields, we’ll keep your system in top form minus the constant maintenance. Call us today at (866) 405-8248 to learn more about our products and services.