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There are so many choices in gutter protection available; so how can you determine which one is right for you and your home? You certainly don’t want to invest thousands of dollars in a gutter shield, only to quickly find out that it is ineffective and you still have to clean out your gutters regularly! This is the first in a series of posts with information that will help you understand the most popular gutter protection designs and find the best solution to keep your gutters clean.*

Slotted Guard Fail: Flimsy Construction

While there are a lot of reviews of gutter covers on the market, it helps to take a closer look at the actual functionality, design and results of using these products to help you in making your purchasing decision. Different gutter protection systems include slotted metal guards, wire meshes, plastic guards, sponge filters and more. Here we examine slotted guard designs.

Slotted guards are gutter protection products that typically consist of three-foot sections of metal with slots punched in the covers. While this design can be effective against leaves, needles, seeds and pods can get through the slots and cause problems. For this reason, gutters will still need to be cleaned out periodically.

A slotted guard does not require screws for installation, so it easily can be blown off when it is very windy. To prevent the sections from coming off, homeowners often screw them in, but this makes gutter cleaning very difficult. In addition, these guards are flexible and can easily be bent out of shape by ice and snow.

Solution: A Sturdier Design

Gutter Helmet’s gutter protection system employs a patented S-curve design where rainwater is filtered through the system while keeping out debris, leaves, twigs and animals. Rainwater clings to the textured surface as it flows downward. This surface has a PermaLife™ high-performance coating that provides protection from acid rain and other toxic elements.

Every Gutter Helmet system is sturdily constructed of a continuous piece of metal with a curved edge that extends slightly beyond the gutter edge to allow rainwater to flow naturally. When rainwater reaches this edge, it passes through a 3/8” slit that stops any debris from passing through while water flows through smoothly at a steady rate. It’s so effective, you will never have to clean your gutters again!

Gutter Helmet gutter systems are time-tested and able to handle over 22 inches of rain every hour without overflowing, which is more than the highest rainfall recorded anywhere in the country. Snow and ice are no match for this strong cover either.

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* The information contained herein is solely the opinion of Gutter Helmet® as based on our observations in the field of gutter installation, gutter protection and gutter maintenance.