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Many homeowners are tired of cleaning out all the debris that accumulates in their gutters. It is a messy job, and climbing up and down a ladder is risky. The solution is to install a gutter cover. Homeowners who are contemplating installing gutter covers are faced with a challenge. How can you know, out of the dozens of brands and types on the market, which are the best gutter guards for gutter protection?

This article continues a series comparing Gutter Helmet to other gutter guard types. Previously we compared Gutter Helmet to the slotted guard, the micromesh style and one-piece construction with a hood that tries to imitate our patented nose-forward design. Here we further explore the wide world of gutter covers and compare Gutter Helmet to two versions of the one-piece type – neither of which have the nose-forward feature.

Product A

Without naming names, Product A, a common one-piece gutter system, is formed from a single piece of aluminum that the manufacturer claims eliminates problems with gutter attachments and color matching. This product is not a gutter cover but a one-piece, seamless gutter. This gutter system also boasts of a sleek appearance.

Product B

Product B is another gutter protection system that boasts a one-piece design, but it is just the cover and attaches to an existing gutter. It also has a smooth surface.

Fail: One-Piece Seamless Gutter, Without a Nose-Forward Design

While having a one-piece design may sound like a good idea, there are several drawbacks that the design creates and other problems for these two gutter protection products.

  • They do not have a nose-forward design, but rather the leading edge of the cover sits behind the front of the gutter. This allows debris more of a path into the gutter trough.
  • If Product A is damaged by falling branches, hail or any other mishap, repair of even a two-foot section requires replacing the entire run of gutter, which is expensive. For Product B the whole cover has to be replaced, which is likewise more costly.
  • Product A’s one-piece gutter system cannot be opened for cleaning when debris finds its way into it. This will inevitably happen as time goes on as the system lacks the patented Gutter Helmet nose-forward design, which throws clogging debris away from the gutter.
  • Both are a field-manufactured product. The quality is dependent on the machine’s maintenance and on the ability and training of the one operating it.
  • The sleek and smooth texture of these gutter covers reduce surface adhesion, which is one of the qualities that helps direct rainwater into the gutter, instead of flying over to the ground.

Solution: The Nose-Forward Design

  • Our patented nose-forward design extends past the edge of the gutter, leaving a very narrow opening so only the water can enter, and throwing debris out and away from the gutter.
  • Gutter Helmet has a patented textured and ribbed surface, which gives it superior surface tension compared to these two smooth-textured gutter systems.
  • Gutter Helmet has a patented PermaLife™ finish, a high-performance paint that resists fading, chalking and corrosion from salt water and acid rain.
  • Gutter Helmet® is made in overlapping five-foot panels. Repair only involves replacing one panel section at a time as needed.
  • Our gutter covers are added to your existing or new gutters; hence, they can be adjusted or removed if needed.
  • Gutter Helmet is made in our factory in the USA with strict quality and standard control, for a product that is consistent, durable and attractive.

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