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There are a lot of gutter guards on the market for gutter protection, and making the right decision for your home can take some thought and research. You’ll find gutter guard reviews that tout the pros and cons of buying any gutter guard system. Here we take a closer look at the popular foam insert that comes with some severe limitations.

Product Fail: Ineffective Material

Despite being listed among the best gutter guards available today according to some gutter guard reviews, the foam insert has challenges. The open cells in the sponge of the foam can quickly become saturated with roof shingle grit, pollen, dust and compost, resulting in slow movement of water to the bottom of the gutter. When heavy rain falls, this can quickly create an overflow of water to the front and back of the gutter.

In addition, a filter that has become saturated with moisture quickly attracts insects ranging from ant colonies to mosquitoes, becoming a breeding ground for pests. Another big problem that homeowners have found after installing foam insert gutter guards is how difficult it can be to clean these products out. They have to be taken out of the gutters and manually shaken to remove all debris and particles as well as any insects. Then the filters have to be thoroughly rinsed and sanitized.

Often when they are reinserted, foam inserts no longer work properly because the filters have lost their shape and do not fit. Finally, these products do not have a uniform UV protective layer so they quickly crumble and deteriorate after just a few years of sun exposure.

Solution: A Solid Metal Gutter Cover

The best gutter guards have a solid cover. They are not made of materials that attract insects or break down in the sun. Having a solid cover means water flow is smooth. At the same time, the shape of the gutter guard should encourage water flow away from the roof and sides of the house down to the ground. That is where the patented nose-forward design of Gutter Helmet® comes into play, helping ensure that water flows away from the home. Its protective high-performance finish keeps the cover safe from the elements. There is just enough space for water to flow through the slit at a steady rate without allowing leaves or debris to get inside. This ensures that gutters protected by Gutter Helmet stay clean and well-maintained.

Customers who have purchased Gutter Helmet’s gutter protection system are thrilled with the performance, safety and durability of our product. Considered one of the best gutter guards available today, Gutter Helmet has been safeguarding homes for over 35 years. Our product is backed by a lifetime guarantee. Call us at (800) 824-3772 to learn more about our product line and how we can help you. Our technicians will install your gutter guards on-site and also clean your existing gutters beforehand!