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At Gutter Helmet®, we frequently educate homeowners about the importance of keeping their gutter system clean and clear to allow for proper water drainage. That’s the precise reason we designed the patented Gutter Helmet system: its unique nose-forward design only lets in water while leaves fall off the edge of the solid cover or blow away, keeping gutters free of debris. No more climbing ladders or hiring someone to clean your gutters!

Components to Keep Water Damage at Bay

In addition to the Gutter Helmet gutter cover, there are other important components that help ensure water moves safely away from your home. Seamless gutters keep water flowing without leaks, and downspouts carry the water from the roofline to the ground. A splash block placed at the base of the downspout will prevent running water from eroding the soil. However, a gutter extension may be needed in the following situations.

  • Your home is located in an area that frequently gets large amounts of rain.
  • The land around your home is not properly graded, causing water to run toward the house.
  • Your basement is damp or floods.

A gutter extension is an attachment placed on the end of your downspout that ensures water is moved far enough away from the foundation that it cannot cause problems. For many homes, gutter extensions are the solution to chronically damp basements and crawl spaces, or musty smells in these areas. The National Association of Waterproofing and Structural Repair Contractors recommends that water drain at least three feet and preferably six feet from basement walls. By using a gutter extension to move water drainage farther from the foundation, you could save yourself the expense of a waterproofing system or other costly solutions.

Find Out More about Gutter Extensions

Learn more about gutter extensions  and some of the most popular designs available. For more information about Gutter Helmet® gutter toppers and to connect with a dealer in your area, call (800) 824-3772 today.