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Everything You Need to Learn about Your Gutters

By December 16, 2015October 18th, 2023No Comments

As the drainage system of your roof, gutters always need to be in good shape. According to, the ideal life expectancy of a standard aluminum gutter is up to 30 years. Copper gutters can last up to 50 years and galvanized steel can reach 20 years or more, depending on maintenance.

Here are some things to learn about gutters and protection systems.

What You Need to Know about Gutters

Your gutter system is responsible for collecting rainwater and channeling it through proper slopes. The collected water will go through the downspouts and away from your home. This is the reason gutters need proper cleaning and maintenance regularly. Otherwise, leaves and loose debris will accumulate quickly. This can cause gutter congestion, which can lead to various problems, such as accelerating gutter wear and tear.

Damaged gutters result in basement flooding, soil erosion, and mold formation. This could also dry-rot fascia boards, soffit, and other wood parts of your roof. This winter, gutters are more vulnerable than ever. Still, it’s not just the weather, as other causes of gutter damage include leaning ladders against gutters, pest infestation, and aging.

Why It Pays to Install Gutter Helmet®

There is a way to prevent these problems! One of the most effective solutions is installing Gutter Helmet, which can protect your gutters from the harsh elements. With its patented nose-forward design, Gutter Helmet lets in rainwater while keeping everything else out. It also has a ribbed surface, which is essential in withstanding heavy rains, extreme winds, and snow loads. Another great benefit of Gutter Helmet is it can match various types of gutters in Little Rock AR, and the nearby area.

Gutter Helmet will keep your home dry and comfortable this season. You won’t have to worry about water and structural damage. Gutter Helmet is a smart investment that will pay for itself. P.I. Roofing and Home Solutions is here to install quality gutter protection systems that will last. We can also take care of your annual gutter cleaning needs. We’ll help you get through this season while keeping your household in shape.

Learn more about our products and services but giving us a call today. We’ll be happy to install Gutter Helmet on your home today.