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Your gutter system is one of the many components in your home that is highly susceptible to damage. Given the gutters’ function of channeling water away from your property, they can be exposed to a myriad of problems, from wear and tear to clogs. Like your roof and siding, your gutters’ long-term performance is only possible with a proactive approach to maintenance.

Gutter Helmet® of Minnesota, your local rain gutter guard provider, shares some gutter damage prevention tips.

Preventing Standing Water

Incorrect gutter pitch and clogs cause water to collect in the gutter trough, compromising the system’s structural integrity. Repairing the gutter sections is imperative, making sure the subtle slope goes in the direction of the nearest downspout. Use epoxy to seal any noticeable cracks; then layer the gutters with water-resistant paint. Allow them to dry faster by clearing away hanging tree branches so that the gutters get more sunlight exposure.

Preventing Foundation Damage

Gutter damage may also result in foundation damage. Too much rainwater pouring over the side of the gutters may cause the ground to experience excessive water saturation, resulting in cracks and erosion on your home’s foundation. Apart from conducting periodic inspections of your gutters, it is important that you also make sure the end of each downspout points away from your home on a downward slope.

Preventing Clogs

One of the most common gutter problems involves clogs that prevent water from flowing and draining away from your property. Leaves, branches and other debris can settle on the gutters, causing water run-offs to spill off the gutters. This dampens the exterior walls, windows and the roof’s soffit, which then promotes the spread of mold and mildew. Cleaning the gutters must be done to ensure a smooth flow of water or snow.

Investing in a gutter protection system like Gutter Helmet® is an easy way to prevent most of these issues. With this product installed, you won’t ever have to worry about cleaning your gutters again. In the local area, you can turn to Gutter Helmet of Minnesota for your rain gutter guard installation needs. Call (866) 200-5339 or fill out our contact form to learn more about our products and services. We serve Monticello, MN, residents.