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Falls Prevention Awareness Day is September 22

By September 22, 2016October 17th, 2023No Comments

If you are a senior or have older adults in your life, take note that the 9th annual Falls Prevention Awareness Day (FPAD) will be observed on September 22, 2016 (the first day of fall). FPAD is sponsored by the National Council on Aging in an effort to raise awareness about ways to prevent fall-related injuries among older adults.

Sobering Statistics on Falls

Falls are a serious threat to the health and well-being of millions of Americans age 60 and older – more than 60 million to be exact. Statistics from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that falls cause the death of 27,000 older adults every year, and more than 800,000 non-fatal, trauma-related injuries that result in hospital admission. In 2013 alone, the total cost for fall-related injuries was $34 billion.

Ways to Prevent Falls

With falls threatening the safety and independence of so many seniors, it’s important to understand how to prevent them. Follow these tips from the National Council on Aging.

  • Participate in an exercise program. Find a program you enjoy. The goal of your exercise regimen should be to build balance, strength and flexibility.
  • Speak with your healthcare provider. Have an honest discussion about your risk of falling and your history of recent falls.
  • Get vision and hearing checks annually, and update your eyeglasses. Your eyes and ears are key to keeping you on your feet. Make sure you can hear and see clearly to avoid falls.
  • Routinely review your medications with your doctor or pharmacist to find out if side effects could increase your risk of falling. Take medications only as prescribed.
  • Make your home safe. Your environment is one of the biggest fall threats. Remove hazards that could trip you, improve lighting, make stairs safe and install grab bars in bathrooms.
  • Talk to your family members. Encourage them to help you take simple steps to stay safe.

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