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Orange, red and gold – these are the colors we often associate with the autumn season. It’s all fine and beautiful until scattered leaves create a mess in your yard. It can be tedious to collect them with your rake and pile them in one spot, but you don’t have to throw them away just yet.

Here are some creative leaf craft ideas you can do this time of the year.

Leaf Candleholders

Repurpose colorful fallen leaves as decorations for items displayed in your living room, including glass candleholders. Once you carefully wrap the leaves around the cylinders, you can line them up down the center of the dinner table. The leaves look like vibrant frames when the candles are lit.

Leaf-Stamped Items

Leaving leaf marks on a variety of items like plain table runners and napkins is one way to get into that festive fall mood. It’s an easy project to do. Using a paint roller, coat a fallen leaf one at a time in fabric paint. Consider fall colors like brown, dark green and deep red, or you can choose a single hue. Then, press the leaf paint-side down onto the item.

Preserved Hanging Leaves

Bring the autumn season inside your home with colorful leaves suspended on strings. The best part of this craft idea: they can be used beyond autumn. First, collect a bunch of leaves, and dip each one in beeswax. Shake off excess wax, and hang on clothespins to dry. You can dip some of them again if you want to achieve a certain look. Hang them from lengths of monofilament, which can then be attached to the top of the entry door or window.

Fallen leaves are beautiful, but you do NOT want them collecting in your gutters. That said, consider investing in rain gutter guards, especially those offered by Carolina Gutter Helmet® & More. Give us a call at (864) 877-0692, or fill out our contact form to learn more about our gutter protection systems. We serve residents living in and around Greer, SC.