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Big-box home improvement stores offer a variety of gutter protection options. We surveyed the gutter protection products offered at two of the most popular home improvement centers around the country. Below we share what we found.


Product: Snap-in filter gutter guard

The snap-in gutter filter is a perforated plastic screen with a filter bonded to the plastic. It’s designed to snap onto the front lip of gutters to keep smaller debris out.

Problems: While this lightweight plastic filter may be easy to install, it won’t stand up to a lifetime of wear and tear from the elements. Plastic gutter guards generally need to be replaced after only five years.

Product: Foam insert gutter guard

Foam inserts are quick and easy to install in any gutter system. They’re the most cost-effective form of gutter protection.

Problems: Homeowners report the foam insert turns brittle and begins to break down after just two years. The foam also allows shingle granules to pass through and collect at the bottom of the gutters.


Product: Plastic mesh gutter guard

This inexpensive mesh gutter guard can easily be adapted to any gutter system. Simply unroll it and cut it to length with a pair of scissors.

Problems: As reviewers of this product have noted, leaves and seeds easily get caught in the mesh and must then be removed by hand, a tedious task that makes installation of the mesh pointless.

Product: Solid gutter cover

This solid plastic gutter cover slides under shingles and clips to the front lip of the gutters to create a barrier which is intended to keep leaves and other organic material out.

Problems: Unfortunately, due to poor design, water flows over the gutter cover and spills onto the ground below, rather than being directed into the gutters. And because the cover is made of PVC, it’s also prone to warping and sagging in the sun.

What Makes Gutter Helmet® Superior?

The innovative Gutter Helmet system, on the other hand, is a long-lasting alternative to cheap home improvement store products. It’s a closed gutter protection system that covers your existing gutters, preventing buildup and protecting your home from water damage. Horizontal stiffening ribs create exceptional strength, and its Permalife™ coating won’t fade or chalk. 

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