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Considering the amount of money it could cost you to replace your gutters, fix faulty downspouts, or even repair your roof, siding, or your foundations, it’s easy to see how the Gutter Helmet cost-per-foot is actually a worthwhile investment for your home. One of the most common problems Gutter Helmet® can help prevent is frozen downspouts.

The fall season is notorious for leaving a lot of leaves and other debris around your home. Some of these can end up in your eavestroughs and cause clogging problems. Clogged gutters tend to hold water which, as the cold days of winter roll around, can freeze. Let our experts at ABC Seamless Siding show you how to deal with a frozen downspout.

Avoid Brute Force

It’s tempting to simply shake the ice loose by hitting your gutters and downspouts with something hard like a baseball bat. However, you don’t have to be an expert to know this is a bad idea. One, it will damage your gutters, leading to more problems than what you started with and, two, there’s no guarantee it will clear away the obstruction inside your downspouts.

Clear Away the Snow

Make sure that there is no snow blocking the way out for the water. Shovel away any potential obstruction away from the bottom end of your downspout before attempting to defrost it. Neglecting to do so might cause more serious issues like basement leaks and flooding. You will need a hairdryer to actually heat up the inside of your downspout to get rid of the ice. You may also use a heat gun if you have one but, for the most part, a good hairdryer will also do the trick.

Preventing Frozen Downspouts

You can avoid the issue altogether by installing an effective gutter guard system. Consider the Gutter Helmet cost-per-foot and compare it with the cost of fixing the problems caused by a frozen downspout and it’s not hard to realize just how much you’ll save.

Keep your downspouts and gutters safe this winter with the help of our professionals at ABC Seamless Siding. Give us a call at (800) 824-3772 or fill out our contact form to request a free estimate today. We serve homeowners in Anchorage and other surrounding areas in Alaska.

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