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Downspouts and gutter systems are vital to keeping your home in good shape. They are supposed to complement other exterior elements, such as roofs and siding. However, downspouts can sometimes make your property stick out. Fortunately, there are several ways to make them less noticeable. 

Here are tips for hiding unattractive downspouts. 

Paint Them With a Color That Complements Your Siding

The easiest way to conceal unsightly downspouts is to paint them with a color that complements your siding. It would be great if you could find a shade similar to your home’s exterior. You can technically go with any color you like as long as it doesn’t contrast with your siding. 

Add Some Greeneries to the Scene

Plants will add more life and freshness to your property. You can also use them for hiding certain features that could affect your home’s curb appeal, such as unsightly downspouts. If adding some greens is your preferred method for keeping this part of your house out of view, you must be prepared for the maintenance it will involve. 

In many homes, you can find downspouts and even garden tools behind a trellis. Different types of plants grow on a trellis that can hide your downspouts. It also looks great in most home styles and siding materials. 

Another option is to place vines above downspouts, so it trains along the material. They have bendable branches, meaning they will grow in any direction you prefer. Cup-and-saucer, annual sweet pea and evergreen clematis are some types of vines you should consider. 

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