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Your gutters experience a lot of stress, especially during extreme weather. Fasteners ensure that your system stays in place and is strong enough to support itself and endure heavy rain, snow and debris.

In today’s post, your trusted gutter protection expert, Gutter Helmet® of Piedmont, discusses different types of gutter fasteners.

Hangers Attached to Fascia

Most hangers are mounted into the fascia board. They have a simple mechanism that allows for easy installation.

Hangers Secured to Subroof

These fasteners are used when the roof projects too far out from the house.

T-Bar Hangers

They are also called T-strap hangers. A T-bar hanger looks like a hidden hanger that has a roof strap fastened in the center. The roof strap is mounted to the roof deck while the hanger keeps the gutters in place.

Exposed Brackets and Straps

This system can make gutters stronger and flexible since the gutter material can freely expand and contract. The downside to this system is that the straps can be detached during cleaning.

Wrap-Around Hangers

They have the features of T-bar and an exposed bracket and strap system. These hangers are stronger than both.

Spikes and Ferrules

This easy-to-install hanger system is driven directly through the gutter. However, constant freezing and thawing cycles can loosen them.

Hidden Hangers

Hidden hangers are mounted under the front gutter hem and screwed at the back of the gutter for support. They are a good option as they won’t affect your exterior’s aesthetics.

Gutter Helmet® SnapLock

While most gutters are secured with nails or screws, Gutter Helmet SnapLock™ provides a nail-free installation. Water can seep through nails or screws and into the wood, causing damage to the system. It also exposes the wooden components of your roof to potential rotting. On the other hand, SnapLock gives support from the outside and doesn’t penetrate walls. This ensures water flows smoothly away from your property.

For high-quality and durable gutter products, choose Gutter Helmet of Piedmont. Call us at (844) 204-1015, or fill out our online form to learn more about our services. We work with homeowners in Charlotte, NC.