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Your home’s exterior paint faces some of the most demanding situations possible, including frequent rain showers, intense heat from the sun, and extreme temperature changes. Even with modern paints having the capability to withstand such conditions, under several circumstances, as well as poor preparations, problems still manifest in exterior paint jobs.

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At Gutter Helmet Systems of Alabama, we are not just experts on how to clean gutters with gutter guards. We also provide tips to help prevent the most common exterior paint problems.


This refers to crusty white salt deposits that form through the paint film of brick, concrete, or any masonry structure. It doesn’t cause any structural damage to the exterior walls, but it can detract from its beauty and appeal. This happens when salts dissolve with water and leach to the surface as the water evaporates. Removing efflorescence is a labor-intensive process, which may involve using a pressure washer and acid-based cleaner to dissolve the mineral deposits on the wall surface.


There are several reasons why small- to medium-sized bubbles appear in the coat of paint on a wood surface. The painter may have applied a coat on a hot surface and under direct sunlight. The paint may have also been applied while the surface is damp. Repainting the wood siding is the only solution to this issue. Scrape away the blistered paint, sand the bare wood, and let dry completely before applying a new coat of paint.

Peeling Paint

This problem is a result of either poor adhesion or exterior moisture. The former happens due to poor preparation, such as cleaning the surface to be painted. The latter, meanwhile, happens due to wind-driven precipitation. This can also happen if you have faulty gutters that cause water to back up and move down the walls. For this particular issue, make sure the gutter system is clean so that it functions properly.

Gutter Helmet Systems of Alabama is not just the contractor you turn to when learning how to clean gutters with gutter guards. Our pros can assist you with many other tasks, including exterior painting. Give us a call at (866) 598-7525 or fill out our contact form. We serve homeowners in and around Chelsea, Alabama.

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