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Cleaning your gutters and gutter guards is a necessary but often unexciting task. However, regular gutter and gutter guard cleaning is needed to keep your home in top shape. While upkeep is essential to any home, safety should always be a priority. Today’s article from Gutter Helmet® of Piedmont provides tips on cleaning your gutters and gutter protection system safely.

Cleanliness and Safety: How to Safely Clean Your Gutters

Don’t Work Alone

Whether it’s to assist you with the cleaning equipment or to simply be on standby, having someone else to supervise from the ground below while you clean your gutters can be a life-saving tactic. Should you fall or injure yourself, you have someone who can call for help.

Practice Ladder Safety

Check the ladder you’ll be using before proceeding to clean your gutters. Don’t place the base of the ladder on anything but firm ground. Never lean the ladder on unstable surfaces. Do not attempt to place a ladder on top of another object. If your ladder doesn’t extend far enough to reach a particular area, it’s best to borrow a longer ladder or hire a professional instead.

Always keep the three-point contact rule: keep two hands and a foot, or both your feet and one hand in contact with the ladder at any given time during the climb. Don’t overreach even if the surface and ground are stable.

Gear Up

Apart from the cleaning materials, equip yourself as well with the proper gutter cleaning attire. Water and cut-resistant gloves are ideal as well as slip-resistant shoes. You should also wear eye goggles as various types of debris might come flying at your face during the cleanup. The last thing you want is an eye injury when you’re suspended a few feet from the ground.

Gutters and gutter guard cleaning doesn’t have to be a perilous task. In fact, it doesn’t have to be a task you have to deal with at all. Gutter Helmet of Piedmont installs Gutter Helmet products that guarantee clog-free gutters for years to come. If you’d like to know more about our products and services, please call us at (844) 204-1015. We serve Charlotte, NC.