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A common problem Culver homeowners face during the winter months is the formation of ice dams. Ice damming is typically a result of poor roof ventilation, though the problem can be exacerbated by faulty gutters. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent or at least reduce the risk of ice dams. Gutter Helmet® of Northern Minnesota, your leading gutter guard installer in the area, shares five ways you can do this.

5 Ways to Manage Ice Dams

1. Improve Roof Ventilation

This is one of the most effective long-term solutions against ice dam formation. Proper airflow throughout the roofing system ensures a uniform temperature across the important areas, including the attic and the underside of the roof deck. A contractor can determine how to improve your roof ventilation.

2. Reduce Sources of Heat in the Attic

Proper roof ventilation alone does not guarantee total prevention of ice dams. You should also seal the parts of the ceiling where heated air from your indoors could escape and settle in the attic. Pay attention to heat sources in the attic, like an uninsulated light bulb, ductwork or exhaust fans.

3. Add More Insulation

More insulation on the attic floor stops indoor heat from warming the space too much. You can choose between blow-in or batts insulation. Check your local building code to find out the recommended amount of insulation for your attic.

4. Install Electric Heat Cable

This device helps you equalize the roof’s temperature. It is installed along the roof’s edge and activated to prevent ice dams that cause shingle damage and leaks.

5. Clean Your Gutters

Before bad weather hits, make it a point to remove any debris in the gutter system. That way, you won’t exacerbate ice dams further. Better yet, you can invest in Gutter Helmet®, a top-of-the-line gutter protection system that prevents clogs from forming. To keep the water in your gutters from freezing and exacerbating ice dam problems, think about installing Helmet Heat® as well.

As your local gutter guard installer, we take pride in helping homeowners get ahead of potential problems during winter, including ice dams. We can install Gutter Helmet as well as the Helmet Heat system. To learn more about our products and services, give us a call at (866) 937-3508. You may also fill out our contact form for a free, no-obligation quote. We serve Culver, MN, residents.