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Be Ready! Your Winter Weather Preparedness Kit | Gutter Helmet

By January 26, 2017October 17th, 2023No Comments

how to prepare for the winter weather

With temperatures plummeting outside, now is the time to make sure you’re adequately prepared for winter weather. From preventing burst pipes in your home to protecting your roof from leaks by installing gutter covers, planning for winter as a homeowner requires thinking through many different variables. Fortunately, the winter weather experts at Gutter Helmet® have put together a winter weather preparedness kit that you can follow to make sure your whole family will stay warm and safe this winter.

1. Compile a Home Supply Kit

Winter storms often lead to widespread power outages. To make sure you and your family will remain safe during a potential power outage, put together a supply kit with the following items:

  • Three-day supply of water

  • Three-day supply of non-perishable food

  • Flashlight with spare batteries

  • First aid kit

  • Blankets, warm coats, hats, gloves

  • Spare cash

  • Cell phone with portable charger

  • Battery-powered radio

  • Seven-day supply of any medications

  • Pet supplies

2. Fortify Your Gutters

One of the biggest headaches for homeowners during the winter is roof leaks caused by ice dams and clogged gutters. In addition to water damage and costly repairs, leaky roofs also reduce your home’s energy efficiency, leading to soaring energy bills. By installing Gutter Helmet, the leading leaf filter system in the U.S., along with Helmet Heat® to prevent ice dams, you can spare yourself the discomfort, inconvenience and expense of a roof leak this winter.

3. Insulate Your Home

Install storm windows to improve your home’s insulation and lower your energy bills. Covering your windows with plastic is also helpful at keeping the cold outdoor air from entering your home. Additionally, you should have your HVAC system cleaned and inspected by a trusted professional every year before winter begins to make sure the equipment is working properly.

4. Protect Your Pipes

Keep your faucets running at a trickle on particularly cold days to prevent your pipes from freezing. If you go out of town in the winter, set your thermostat for 55 degrees or higher. It’s better to pay a little more in energy bills than deal with the significant expense and inconvenience of dealing with a burst pipe.

5. Winterize Your Car

While it’s always advisable to avoid driving in a snow or ice storm, you should still prepare your car just in case. First, take your car to a reliable mechanic to refill or replace your coolant, oil and wiper fluids. Next, have your tires inspected for low pressure and tread wear. If you live in an area prone to frequent snowfall, consider investing in snow tires. Always keep your gas tank near full during the winter; this will prevent a frozen fuel line. Finally, compile a supply kit with food, water, flashlight and batteries, cell phone charger, blankets, an ice scraper and shovel, and emergency flares in your car.

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