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Helmet Heat® is a unique product that has improved the lives of countless homeowners since it was first introduced to the market. When used in combination with Gutter Helmet®, the best gutter protection system, Helmet Heat prevents the formation of dangerous ice dams, icicles and snowpack in gutters. 

By keeping the eaves warmed, Helmet Heat can prevent serious hazards such as roof damage, falling ice, slippery steps and walkways, and other safety concerns that may come up when the weather turns frigid. Helmet Heat also helps prevent potential injuries that could occur when homeowners climb a ladder to clear icicles from the eaves.

How Helmet Heat® Works

The innovative secret behind the Helmet Heat ice reduction system is a thin, self-regulating electric cable that only heats up when the temperature drops. When temperatures warm, the cable immediately cools down on its own, without having to be turned off, saving a homeowner time and money. This not only makes the cable effective, but also highly efficient. Helmet Heat works in sync with Gutter Helmet gutter covers for year-round protection of your home. Gutter Helmet stops leaves and other debris from collecting in the gutters and creating clogs, while Helmet Heat heated gutter cap prevents the formation of ice.

Concealed Cables Improve Aesthetics

In addition to being highly effective and efficient, Helmet Heat is also easy to conceal. The cable is hidden inside the gutter itself, so there are no unsightly cables to mar the roofline. In fact, Gutter Helmet’s patented 48-gauge aluminum bracket is specially designed to hold and conceal the Helmet Heat cable, so you can continue to have smooth, uninterrupted lines on your home’s exterior.

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If you’re worried about the potential damage, repair costs and safety hazards associated with a snowy winter, contact Gutter Helmet today at (800) 824-3772 or submit our online form to find the nearest dealer that installs Helmet Heat. Our certified crews can get this innovative system professionally installed on your home before winter arrives.