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Have you ever seen a home covered with a thick blanket of snow in the winter, with icicles hanging from the eaves, and thought, “What a beautiful, cozy home!”? Chances are, if you’re observing icicles, that home’s beauty is only skin deep.

The Dangers of Icicles

Icicles are one of the hazards commonly seen in the winter. While they may look pretty, their heavy weight can tear a gutter system completely off a house. They can also cause other damage and injure animals and people, whether by falling on them or by leading to accidents indirectly when homeowners try to climb up to the roofline to remove them. 

Icicles are a common symptom of ice damming, which happens when heat from the interior of the house melts snow on the roof. This melted snow then refreezes along the roof line, causing further snowmelt to back up behind the ice dam. This standing water can then leak into the house and cause devastating water damage that can affect the walls, ceilings and insulation.

How Gutter Helmet® & Helmet Heat® Protect Your Gutters & Roof

For “snowbirds” who leave their Northern homes when the weather turns cold and aren’t available to monitor what’s happening with their roof, the threat of ice and gutter damage can be particularly worrisome. That’s where Helmet Heat® and Gutter Helmet® rain gutter covers come in. Gutter Helmet provides the best gutter protection by permanently stopping costly damage caused by clogged gutters, ice dams and other common rain gutter system problems by keeping leaves and debris out of the gutters. Helmet Heat takes that protection a step further. This self-regulating heating cable is installed inside Gutter Helmet gutter guards, causing snow and ice to melt, which means they don’t have a chance to build up and cause damage.

Helmet Heat ice reduction systems never need to be turned on or off, so you can rest easy knowing that your home will remain protected while you’re away for the winter. You can be assured that when you return in the spring, your roof and gutters will be just as you left them – clog-free and intact! 

Get the Best Gutter Protection for Your Home

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