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It is not uncommon for your gutters to catch debris other than water runoff coming from your roof. In addition to dead leaves and twigs, sediment from your asphalt shingles can also be found in the gutter trough. Your local source of high-quality gutter systems explains what it is and what it means for you as a homeowner.

What You Need to Know About Shingle Sediment

Shingle sediment is made up primarily of sand-like granules or grit that separate from the asphalt shingles and get washed away into gutters by water runoff. It happens over the life of the roofing material, especially in the later years when noticeable “bald” spots on the roof surface become visible.

What Shingle Sediment Accumulation Means

It is not necessarily a bad thing if you find black particles inside your gutters. Newly installed asphalt shingles tend to have excess granules that can get dislodged by the wind, rain or snow. However, if you check the gutter regularly and you see these accumulations more and more, it means your roof requires repair or replacement. The “bald” patches are the exposed fiberglass or cellulose matting of the asphalt shingles, which is an indication that your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan.

Shingle sediment must be removed as soon as you see them inside your gutters. Too much of it can prevent water from moving along the gutters and into the downspout. Leaves and small debris can also get stuck behind the granules, increasing the chances of plant life blooming inside your gutters. Alternatively, you can consider getting gutter guards to prevent such particles and other larger types of debris from entering your gutters.

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