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Gutter Helmet Systems of Alabama Chelsea

A Closer Look At Gutter Helmet®’s Innovative Design

By May 22, 2017October 18th, 2023No Comments

Like any component of your home, your gutters need special attention. As the part that protects foundation from water damage, they need to be maintained in good condition at all times.

gutter guard

This is where Gutter Helmet® can help you. It has state-of-the-art qualities that can maximize your gutters’ performance. With its exceptional surface tension and nose-forward design, there’s no need for cleaning gutters with gutter guards. Let us discuss their features:

Surface Tension

Surface tension is the property of liquids that makes them withstand external forces. Because of their molecule’s cohesive response, they can act in different ways. You can see this by dropping water carefully on a coin. The droplets bond together since they have similar molecules. When there are no more identical molecules, they cling to the surface.

That’s why Gutter Helmet applies this principle to effectively control water flow. Its ribbed surface enables water to flow naturally downward instead of spilling over the sides.

Nose-Forward Design

Gutter Helmet has an exclusive nose-forward design that extends past the edge of your gutters. This allows leaves, twigs, and other debris to fall harmlessly to the ground. Meanwhile, its small slit prevents debris from entering the system. This way, water can flow unimpeded into the downspouts.

Additional Gutter Helmet Features

Gutter Helmet can do more than keep your gutters clog-free. This includes:

  • Heavy-Duty Mounting Brackets. Gutter Helmet’s reinforced aluminum alloy brackets don’t just hold them in place; they strengthen your gutters as well. This allows them to withstand severe conditions and still remain in top shape for years to come.

  • PermaLife™ Finish. This high-performance coating resists cracking, chipping, peeling, chalking and fading. It is available in an array of colors that will give your home a sleek, unique appearance.

  • Lifetime Warranty. Gutter Helmet comes with a triple lifetime warranty, so you don’t have to replace your gutter covers.

You’ll never have to worry about cleaning gutters with gutter guards when you invest in Gutter Helmet. For a smooth and efficient installation, look no further than Gutter Helmet Systems of Alabama. Call us at (866) 598-7525 for a free quote. We serve Chelsea and various areas in Alabama.