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5 Smart Ways to Save Energy and Water at Home

By November 22, 2016October 17th, 2023No Comments

As part of your regular home improvement and maintenance schedule, it is advisable to take a look at your energy and water consumption at home.

Energy and water consumption can quickly add up monthly, especially if you have a family or guests. However, there are some daily habits you can keep that will help you save both energy and water, and that do not take up too much time or effort.

1. Indoor temperature. By keeping your thermostat at 68 degrees or lower in cooler climates, you can lower your monthly bill and save significantly. Likewise, in a warmer climate, keeping the internal temperature at a minimum of 75 degrees is recommended. In a warmer climate, you can also use fans to promote air circulation and lower your air conditioning bill.

2. Water heater. Check the temperature of your water heater. The setting is often higher than necessary. By reducing the water heater temperature, you can save significantly.

3. Lint filter. Clean out the lint filter in your dryer regularly to dry clothes faster. This also prevents accidental fires from happening and uses less energy to dry your clothing.

4. ENERGY STAR®-rated appliances. Use ENERGY STAR-rated appliances because they are designed to use energy more efficiently. This will save on your monthly bill year-round and enable you to save both energy and water.

5. Dishwasher and washing machine/dryer. These appliances can easily rack up an energy bill when you use them during the daytime when they cost more to use. Use these appliances in off-hours, such as late in the evening or early morning, to benefit from lower costs.

It also is advisable to run your dishwasher only when it is full of dirty dishes and not sooner. This saves on water and energy use. The same goes for your washing machine and dryer. It is better to do your laundry less frequently (not daily) and have full loads when you do.

Keep Water in Its Place

The gutters on your home are very important to ensure the steady flow of water away from your roof and siding, and safely down to the ground. A leaf guard like Gutter Helmet® can make a tremendous difference in the effort you have to put in to maintain your home properly. Gutter Helmet gutter covers protect your gutters and ensure water flows away from your home. This is important all year-round and especially in colder climates, when water accumulation can result in ice dams, icicles and water build-up that damages a home’s exterior.

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