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When it comes to gutter protection products, you might be surprised to learn that you actually have many options. One of these options is foam gutter guards, and the appeal is understandable. They’re cost-effective and easy to install, and you only need scissors to cut them to proper lengths. Despite these advantages, however, you’ll soon find that foam gutter guards have more drawbacks than expected.

1. Lacks ultraviolet (UV) protection – Foam gutter guards may be appealing due to their easy installation and low cost, but keep in mind that they lack the UV protection that metal gutter covers have, meaning they’re quick to deteriorate after a few years of exposure to the sun.

2. Accumulates debris Roof debris can settle fast on the surface of the foam, and this can quickly become a problem for you, especially during a strong rainstorm. This is because the debris can slow down the water flow and create an overflow at the front and back of the gutter.

3. Attracts pests and insects Foam gutter guards can easily soak up moisture, and, unfortunately for you, this attracts insects like ants and mosquitoes. So, your foam gutter guards can easily become a breeding ground for various kinds of pests that can eventually infiltrate your home and cause damage.

4. Difficult to clean Another drawback of foam gutter guards is that they can be difficult to clean as they’ll need to be removed from the gutters and manually shaken off to remove the debris and insects. Afterward, they’ll have to be rinsed and thoroughly sanitized.

5. Loses shape – Cleaning your foam gutter guards can also lead to another problem. After cleaning them, you may find that you can no longer use them properly as the filters will have lost their shape and won’t fit your gutters anymore.

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