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Your downspouts play a vital role in keeping your home intact. Needless to say, neglecting your downspouts can result in widespread problems. In addition to investing in the best gutter protection products available, you also need to ensure your downspouts are in good condition to ensure your home’s protection from water damage.

In this article, Gutter Helmet® of Minnesota raises awareness about four of the most common downspout issues that you should look out for.

1. Downspouts are too short.

If your downspout empties too close to the house, chances are it’s too short. Downspouts should extend away from your home’s foundation for at least three feet. Make sure your contractor takes the right measurements to avoid damaging your home’s structural integrity. You can have extensions installed if the main pipes of your downspouts are still too short.

2. Downspouts are facing the wrong way.

Downspouts should face away from your home, not toward it. When facing the wrong way, the water runoff from your downspouts will pool at your basement and weaken the foundation. Wrongly installed downspouts are also an eyesore that can reduce your home’s curb appeal.

3. The pipes are too narrow.

When the pipes are too narrow, you run the risk of having clogged downspouts. Narrow downspouts aren’t as efficient at collecting rainwater. 

4. Your home doesn’t have enough downspouts.

The number of downspouts a home needs depends on how big the house and roof are and how much rainfall the area usually gets. The bigger the house, the more downspouts are needed to handle the amount of rainfall.

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