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5 Causes of Clogged, Overflowing, and Sagging Gutters

By December 10, 2014October 18th, 2023No Comments

Gutters protect your home from moisture damage, as they direct water away from your roof, walls, and foundation. Making sure they are in good condition can help you avoid costly repairs and replacement.

Unfortunately, many homeowners often worry about and deal with clogged, overflowing, and sagging gutters, especially during the rainy season and winter. One of the best ways to avoid a problem is to know its cause. There are many reasons gutters may clog, overflow, and sag.

Here’s a list of some of them:

1. Leaves and Other Debris

Tall trees can help enhance your curb appeal and offer shaded areas that allow you to enjoy the outdoors without spending too much time under the sun. They can also shed leaves, which may fall and collect in the gutters. When left there to accumulate, they can make it difficult for water to pass through and reach the downspouts.

2. Nests

Some small animals, such as rodents, squirrels, and birds may build their nests on your gutters. When this happens, their nests may block the flow of water, causing water to build up in the gutters, which may lead to an overflow.

To avoid this, think about installing gutter protection systems in Milwaukee Wisconsin, such as Gutter Helmet®. This product prevents leaves and other debris from collecting in your gutters. Furthermore, it deters critters from building nests in your gutters.

3. Clogged Downspouts

Clogged downspouts may cause gutters to overflow, as the water will have nowhere to go. This may compromise the siding, fascia, and other parts of your roof. To avoid this problem, consider installing an oversized downspout to let water drain at a faster rate.

4. Toys

If you have kids at home or in the neighborhood, discovering small toys in your gutters shouldn’t surprise you. You may find small action figures, balls, nerf darts and other toys.

5. Not Enough Gutters or Downspouts

If you don’t install gutters on all sides of your roof, the existing gutters will have to bear the additional load, which may cause an overflow. In addition, not having enough downspouts mean water may drain at a slower rate, which may also result in an overflow.

Don’t compromise your home’s structural integrity. Protect your property from water damage by installing enough gutters and keeping leaves, small animals, and toys from collecting in your gutters.

For more information on the best gutter protection in Milwaukee WI, contact us at Wrightway. We are your local source for gutter protection systems, siding, roofing, and more.