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5 Benefits of Gutter Helmet

By March 7, 2016October 17th, 2023No Comments

Every homeowner wants to save money when it comes to home improvement projects. For gutters, you can save money on maintenance costs when you invest in a gutter protection system.

Aside from savings, gutter guards can benefit your home in other ways:

1. Saves time

Cleaning round gutters in Anchorage AK, or any other type of gutter in the local area, can be a stressful task. It entails standing long hours on ladders and clearing the inside of your gutters. To save time, reliable gutter covers such as Gutter Helmet can eliminate cleaning altogether. It filters debris from rainwater, eliminating debris buildup.

2. Prevents ladder accidents

According to a published article from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls remain as a leading cause of accidents in the US. This issue includes accidents caused by ladder failure. With gutter protection systems, you do not have to worry about maintenance for years.

3. Avoid physical stress

If you are standing on ladders for a long time under extreme weather conditions, you can experience different health issues. Gutter Helmet saves you the stress of cleaning for years.

4. Preserves the look of your home

Faulty gutters cause water to overflow, which causes damage to exterior components such as windows, siding, and doors. Overflowing water can also ruin landscaping. Damaged components can be unsightly and affect your home’s curb appeal. Preserve landscaping and components by investing in quality gutter protection systems.

5. Keeps you and your family safe

By preserving the integrity of both interior and exterior components, you can ensure that your home can stand strong against weather conditions. This keeps your family safe no matter the climate or season.

Investing in Gutter Helmet can save you time, money, and effort in preserving your home. It works by filtering water from debris using surface tension and gravity. While water clings onto the textured surface, debris falls down to the ground as it reaches the edge of the gutter cover. The water then enters a small slit where debris cannot enter your round gutters in Anchorage AK, or any other type of gutter in the local area.

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