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Gutters need to be securely installed at the roof’s edge to make sure they catch rainwater without breaking away from the roof. There are several ways gutters can be mounted, and in this blog, gutter protection service company Chattahoochee Gutter Co., Inc. shares an overview of the different types of gutter fasteners and mounting methods.

4 Types of Gutter Fasteners and Mounting Methods

  1. Brackets — Gutters can be mounted onto the fascia board, or to the roof frame if the fascia board isn’t an option, as is the case in certain types of roofing systems. Brackets are the most popular and secure option since it cradles the gutter trough from underneath. It provides support during heavy loads. The rear end of the bracket is installed to the fascia board using multiple screws. Depending on the bracket design, penetrating the gutter trough is not necessary, which helps reduce the chances of leaks.

  1. SnapLock® — Gutter Helmet® uses a different type of gutter bracket for their gutter systems. SnapLock is a nail-free gutter bracket system that does not compromise on performance and load-bearing capabilities. Since it doesn’t penetrate the fascia board, it helps protect the fascia board from damage caused by water intrusion.

  1. Hangers — Gutter hangers span the interior of the gutter. One end is installed onto the fascia board using a single long screw, while the other has a hook-shaped end that latches onto the gutter edge, forming a hanger. Traditional hangers are installed using spikes, which are prone to damaging the fascia board. Gutter hangers are more prone to falling off during heavy loads as the entire weight of the gutters rests on it. Roof hangers have an additional strip of metal that is nailed to the roof frame.

  1. Wedge — Wedge fasteners are used when the fascia is installed at an angle. A wedge or a T-shaped component is installed with the flat vertical side resting behind the gutter trough. This prevents the gutter trough from following the angle of the fascia, resulting in a conventional gutter orientation. Long screws similar to the ones used on gutter hangers are used to secure the wedges in place.

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