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While gutter hangers may seem like some of the least important components of your gutter system, they’re actually vital if you want your gutters to function smoothly and efficiently. Their  job is simple: keep the gutters firmly in place at the appropriate angle to catch the rainwater and snowmelt draining off your roof and move it away from your house. If you fail to inspect the hangers regularly and allow them to sag or break, you could be looking at big problems and bigger repairs down the road. In this post, we cover the main reasons why it’s important to inspect your gutter hangers regularly and repair them in a timely manner when needed. 

Why Regular Gutter Inspection Is So Important

  • Sagging gutters can’t channel water properly. The gutters have to be properly angled in order for water to flow through them freely. This will prevent it from seeping under the shingles, spilling over onto the landscaping or pooling around and damaging the foundation. The required angle is very slight, and it doesn’t take much to throw it off — a loose or bent hanger can completely disrupt the system, causing the gutters to droop and rendering them ineffective. 
  • Broken hangers can damage your home. If your gutter hangers aren’t securely fastened to your house, they can cause significant damage to the roof sheathing and even pull down fascia boards as the hangers become detached. If they’re fastened directly to the side of the house and the gutters start to sag, the hangers will pull the siding down with them, creating an eyesore that will be expensive to fix. 
  • It can affect your health. When your gutters aren’t functioning correctly, water tends to back up in them. This can lead to a number of health concerns, such as mosquitoes breeding in the pooling water and mold growth that can exacerbate existing respiratory problems or lead to other health issues.  
  • One loose hanger can lead to more. The hangers supporting your gutters are spaced evenly along the system so that the weight of the gutters (as well as the weight of any water they hold) is distributed equally around the house. If one hanger becomes loose, more pressure is put on the remaining ones, until eventually they’ll start to loosen as well. This is why it’s essential to stop sagging gutters by repairing or replacing loose or broken hangers as quickly as possible. 

Gutter Helmet® Can Help Protect Your Gutter System

Gutter protection systems help prevent damage to gutters by keeping them clear of leaves and other debris, thus reducing blockages that can lead to backed-up water and heavy clogs that will add more weight and stress the gutters. To find out how a Gutter Helmet® system can help keep your gutters and gutter hangers in good shape, contact us by calling (800) 824-3772 or submitting our online contact form.

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