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People invest in gutter covers to keep their gutters systems in good condition. Subpar gutter covers, however, will only cause you more trouble in the end. This is why it’s important to choose high-quality gutter guards that will provide a long-term solution.

4 Signs That Your Gutter Guards Are About to Fail

In today’s post, Gutter Helmet Systems of Alabama shares four telltale signs that your gutter guards are about to fail.

1.  Blockage

Gutter guards are meant to prevent clogging, so if debris begins to accumulate in the area, you know they’re not doing their job. Either your gutter guards were never up to the task in the first place, or they’ve succumbed to the effects of wear and tear. Either way they need to be replaced.

2. Leaks

Inefficient gutter covers can cause debris build up in your gutter system, resulting in leaks. These leaks can damage the wood components of your roof and home, requiring costly repairs.

3. Stained Exterior Walls

Clogging can cause rainwater to spill over your gutters and drench your siding. This can leave marks on your exterior walls or cladding. It can also cause your siding system to rot, damage the insulation underneath and compromise your home’s energy efficiency.

4. Pools of Water Near the Foundation

Water escaping from your clogged gutters can accumulate around the base of your home and weaken the foundation. This can lead to costly repairs or even irreversible damage.

To prevent these issues, pick a gutter guard system that can effectively prevent debris accumulation in your gutters. Gutter Helmet® has advanced features that keep debris out while allowing water to flow through the system. It also comes with a transferable Triple Lifetime Warranty that includes material and product performance.

Turn to Gutter Helmet Systems of Alabama to help keep your gutters systems clean and clog-free. Call us today at (866) 598-7525 to learn more about our products and services. We serve residents of Chelsea and nearby areas in Alabama.