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3 Reasons to Invest in Gutter Protection

By December 11, 2015No Comments

If you want to protect your home from extensive water damage, make sure that your gutter system is in top form. Your gutters perform the essential task of channeling rainwater away from your home’s foundation and exterior walls. This prevents water from pooling around your home’s foundation, helping to maintain its structural integrity. If your gutters don’t allow water to seep into your walls, you can also avoid the health risks involved with mold and mildew growth.

Your gutters need protection too, however. Clogging is an all-too-common hurdle to your gutters’ performance. For this reason, it’s important to invest in Gutter Helmet® gutter protection. Gutter Helmet of Greater Denver , your local experts at hanging gutters in Englewood, Colorado, explains the benefits:

1. Reduces the need for gutter cleaning. Homeowners usually deal with clogs by climbing a ladder and cleaning the system. Installing gutter protection can eliminate this task by preventing leaves and other debris from settling inside your gutters. Gutter Helmet®, for instance, excels at this thanks to its patented nose-forward design. This uniquely engineered feature effectively sheds leaves and debris off the gutters while allowing rainwater to flow through smoothly.

2. Prevents exposure to health risks. Accumulated debris inside gutters commonly includes animal droppings, rotted leaves and stagnant water. You don’t want to scoop all that when it’s time for your gutter cleaning. Since installing gutter protection frees you from that work, you can avoid exposure to this nastiness.

3. Extends your gutters’ lifespan. Clogged gutters trap water, resulting in rust formation. The extra weight from accumulated debris can also lead to sagging or collapse. Gutter protection from Gutter Helmet® can prevent these issues. You won’t have to worry about your gutter protection taking on rainstorms or heavy snow loads either. Gutter Helmet’s sturdy construction and ribbed surface increase water surface tension and tensile strength, allowing it to withstand the harshest weather conditions.

When you’re ready to take advantage of the many benefits of gutter protection, turn to Gutter Helmet of Greater Denver, a trusted provider of Gutter Helmet® products. Call us today at (800) 824-3772 to learn more.