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Gutter corrosion is a common problem that can cause a host of related issues for your home. While hiring a reliable gutter guard installer is the best way to prevent this issue, there are a few other things you can also do. Read on to learn why gutter corrosion happens and how you can prevent it.

Gutter Corrosion

  1. Scrapes and Scratches – Any amount of damage to your gutters can contribute to gutter corrosion by providing a point of entry for moisture. This is why it’s important to make sure that materials for your gutter system are handled with care, preventing damage that can occur even before your gutters are installed.

  1. Poor Installation – if a gutter system is not properly installed, fasteners, screws and brackets can penetrate protective finishes, speeding up the corrosion process. Experienced contractors will know how to avoid galvanic corrosion, making sure all your gutter system’s parts are from the same material to prevent chemical reactions at contact points where rust can form.

  1. Environmental Factors – Certain climates are more likely to cause gutter corrosion. Factors like sea air and commercial activity can affect alkalinity or acidity levels in rainwater, but atmospheric corrosion is also likelier to occur if your gutter system is covered with dirt and deposits of sulphate and chloride.

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